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OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing
OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing OMIC USA INC. Analytical Laboratory Testing


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OMIC USA in 2016

Laboratory Expansion and Pesticide Residue Testing

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With a new laboratory addition (7,200 ft2) and remodeling of the existing building, we now have an improved 19,200 ft2 facility to accommodate growth in Micro, GMO, Metals, Nutrition, and Pesticide residue testing.  For the pesticide residue department, this includes eight new fume hoods, an additional freezer storage room (with back-up power supply), larger sample preparation space, a dedicated room for preparing analytical standards, rooms for new GC and LC instrumentation. Our most recent instrument purchase, a Sciex 6500 QTRAP LC/MS/MS, is certified for GLP work and has been used for 3 projects.

During the last year we added 40 new analytes to our testing library, including metabolites and breakdown products, and completed the development and validation for 5 new testing methods, expanding the total number of chemicals we test to over a 1,000.  Our popular 'extended' pesticide residue screen, which uses the QuEChERS method and gas and liquid triple quadrupole mass spectroscopy, includes 474 pesticides. 

BioAnalytical Testing

With the passing of new GMO labeling laws in congress OMIC USA has seen a substantial increase in the testing needs of our current clients as well as new inquiries. There has also been growth in our microbiology department, both in lab space, and staffing to accommodate the continued demand for pathogen testing in food safety programs. We are diligently working to add plant pathogen analysis as well as probiotic analysis to our routine offerings; we hope to complete method validation in the near future. Outside of the laboratory, OMIC USA sponsored a symposium on “The Future of Food Sustainability and Safety” at the 2016 AACCI conference in Savannah, GA gaining both national and international exposure in new and expanding markets.

Nutritional Testing

The FDA has finalized the requirements for the new 2018 FDA label. OMIC USA has validated new methods to meet all the requirements, including Vitamin D and Potassium and a new Expanded Sugar Profile (which includes sugar alcohols) to accommodate various samples types.  As of 2018, “Dietary fiber is defined as non-digestible soluble and insoluble carbohydrates”, and we will be using the AOAC  2009.01 Codex method for Dietary Fiber.

Quality Assurance

In the face of ever changing regulations and client needs OMIC USA has been focusing on non-routine client requests and project based analysis. Recently, we have had the opportunity to work with clients to troubleshoot problems in production, import issues, method variations, product qualification and more. With non-routine methodologies, and unique analytical issues Quality Assurance is of the upmost importance. We are committed to quality in all of the fields of testing and services we provide. Addressing uncommon chemical and biological client concerns allows us to stay up to date on industry trends and new procedures.

Personnel for GLP and QA

With growth in GLP testing and other analytical projects, we recently added a new position to our scientific staff, Research Chemist/Analytical PI, which has been filled by Anna Hawkins.  Formerly, Anna worked as an analytical chemist in LC/MS/MS department and has participated in four GLP studies, either in the role of study director or principal analytical investigator.  She has also worked with QA to develop and improve components of our quality system. Heather Flynn (former LC chemist and then QA associate) has been promoted to full QA manager. Our former QA manager, Susan Schimelfining, continues to work with OMIC USA. She continues to perform QA review for all GLP studies and is currently the project manager for the implementation of OMIC USA's customized, web-based LIMS system.

OMIC USA is always looking for ways to expand or improve its services.  To inquire how we can put our expertise to work for you, please contact our sales team at 503-223-1497 or, or e-mail general laboratory manager John Lupean at


OMIC USA in 2015

Pesticide Residue Testing

We have streamlined our basic and extended profiles, to better meet client requests and keep ahead of the ever changing residue testing marketplace. These new profiles are differently distributed across the Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography platforms for optimal performance and speed of analysis. We have worked hard this year to complete the necessary validation steps and update our systems with the change from minimum detection limit (MDL) to limit of quantification (LOQ). Our new profiles include even more compounds, Basic Profile 292 compounds and Extended Profile 474 compounds, which better utilize the latest technologies available in our laboratory.

It has been a recent companywide goal to increase our current list of available compounds for testing to include more metabolites and breakdown products of common pesticides. We have added over 20 compounds and have plans to continue to expand this side of our business in response to global trends. Laboratory Certification

OMIC USA Inc. is always looking for ways to improve our service our clients. This year we added more analysis to our ISO 17025 accreditation. Also, we successfully completed a thorough audit by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug (KMFDS). The audit team was very pleased with our facilities and analytical capabilities, as well as our recent advancements in GMO testing. This audit has helped to further solidify our relationship with the KMFDS in order to continue providing certificates for our clients to easily import products into Korea.

Development of a Diagnostic Detection Method for Newly Released Innate™ Potatoes

Our Bioanalytical laboratory has recently developed and validated, in conjunction with J.R. Simplot of Boise, Idaho, a diagnostic PCR detection method for newly commercialized Innate™ potato. This testing is now available as a general screen as well as specific Innate™ events in tubers, fries, chips and flakes. Please contact us for more details.

Laboratory Expansion

After much planning, we have finally broken ground on our laboratory expansion project! Currently our facility is roughly 13,500 sq ft, in the coming year we will be adding approximately 6,000 sq ft. This additional space will be used for the new Bioanalytical laboratory, project specific and GLP laboratory space, additional instruments, and to meet our increasing storage needs. With this expansion our receiving area will be moving from the front office to further back along the building to better facilitate sample flow into the lab. Keep an eye out for our improvements; we look forward to seeing you in the new space.

Danielle French
Technical Sales Representative


Innate™ Potato Testing

New OMIC USA Inc. Innate Potato Testing

OMIC USA announces the development of a detection method for the newly released Innate™ potatoes developed with the J.R. Simplot Company. A testing method has been validated for Innate™ products,and is now available for general screening and for specific Innate™ events in tubers, fries, chips and flakes.



OMIC USA Passes EPA Audit With Flying Colors

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

Exciting news: Recently the EPA visited OMIC USA to audit a completed Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) study previously submitted to the EPA. The inspection team also performed a facility compliance review to assess OMIC’s compliance status with the EPA’s Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) GLP regulations.

The purpose of EPA study audits is to validate data in final reports that have been submitted to the EPA in support of a registration or marketing petition. Compliance reviews are performed to determine that FIFRA GLP regulations are being observed in the testing facility’s current procedures and practices for pertinent studies.

That both the study audit and facility inspection resulted in only one minor finding demonstrates OMIC’s ongoing capability for analytical performance of GLP compliant studies.


Ensuring Food Safety For Over Half a Century


OMIC USA Inc.'s roots trace back to 1959 when the Overseas Merchandise Inspection Company (OMIC) Group first introduced inspection services for major import/export shipments of wheat and grain. As demand grew over the years and new regulations were put in place, it became necessary to streamline testing in order to effectively meet the new demand. As a result, OMIC USA Inc. — an OMIC Group company — was established in 1992 as a American comprehensive analytical laboratory with a global network.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, OMIC USA Inc. has provided unparalleled independent laboratory and inspection services to the world food supply and agricultural industries for more than 50 years. Representing the best of the industry, our full-scale lab features internationally-recognized chemists, PhDs, and state-of-the-art instrumentation from around the world.

The ability to introduce products into expanding local and global markets is just one of the many benefits that OMIC USA Inc. clients enjoy. Competitive pricing, unrivaled turnaround times, and exceptional customer experiences define who we are as an analytical laboratory and inspection service provider and who we are as your worldwide possibilities source.

Independent lab testing and inspection services you can trust.
That’s OMIC USA Inc.

OMIC USA Laboratory Analytical Services - Unparalleled ExpertiseOMIC USA Laboratory Analytical Services - Unparalleled Expertise

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OMIC USA Laboratory Analytical Services - Unparalleled ExpertiseOMIC USA Laboratory Analytical Services - Unparalleled Expertise

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