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With the ongoing expansion of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) there is an increasing number of foods and commodities being tested by the FDA at the time of import. Illegal residues are often detected through routine sampling, which leads to a refusal of entry for that shipment and automatic detention going forward.

Unfortunately for importers, this Detention Without Physical Examination or DWPE (formerly referred to as FDA Automatic Detention) can be a worrisome and confusing situation.

In the face of this ongoing challenge, OMIC USA Inc. is pleased to announce its capability to test samples and submit analytical packages towards clearance of FDA detention. With a current arsenal of instruments, integral quality system, and highly qualified scientists, we have already successfully submitted a number of packages on behalf of clients who were dealing with the specific problems associated with an FDA Detention Notice.

We offer  ISO/IEC 17025 accredited analysis for the substance in question and the experience required to compile the report that will serve as the client’s response to the FDA notice.

Please contact us as soon as possible following receipt of an FDA notice of detention in order to receive assistance in navigating the process and avoid any potential delays.

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